Nwabundo Ifeoma Alayande

Day 3

Voicing Radio Drama

Nwabundo Ifeoma Alayande

Radio and stage drama producer.

Nwabundo fondly called Nwando is a drama producer with over 14 years of radio production experience and about 10 years stage production experience.  Nwando pionnered a docu-rama radio programme on Nigeria’s international broadcast arm Voice of Nigeria, Ripples  which focuses on, but not limited to  topical day to day issues ranging from children to health. Her works through this programme got her recognitions within and outside the country. Through the use of her production skills in drama , she is presently engaged in a children story telling projects that use stories as a soothing balm to guide children, teaching them about values and culture. 

While still producing docu-dramas on a weekly basis, Nwando’s love for stage productions, which spans about 15 years continues to flourish, as she constantly writes and directs stage plays for schools and NGOs.

Nwando is passionate about being able to create a community of writers who can use stories for developmental good , raising awareness of various social challenges and helping to change the mind set of the people as well as enhancing their welfare.

Nwando, enjoys training younger people in radio and stage drama productions. She currently leads a group of about 20 enthusiastic gifted youth, Creative X, a budding drama team. These are amongst the many other smaller projects she has handled for other organizations.

She is married with two children.


September 11, 2022, 13:10 – 14:00