About Us

About The Event

Across Africa is a pool of Amazing Voice Over Talents seeking opportunities to learn, grow and thrive both locally and internationally especially in the animation industry. 

VOAFRICA brings together annually some of the world’s finest voice over talents, coaches, casting directors and producers with a heart for Africa. It is Africa’s largest voice over conference creating a platform where voice talents in Africa can learn Network and grow their voice over business. 

The core aim is to cast African talents resident in Africa for global productions but to do that, we must create access to the right information and a platform upon which they can leverage to compete internationally. 

This conference is for both beginners and professional voice over artists. Created for you to Learn, Network and Grow your voice over business.

The theme of this years conference is Going Global

Bringing together Africa's finest
voice over talents

Creating oppotunities for African Voice Over Talents resident in Africa to Learn, Network and Grow their voice over business.