Nadeem Khaled

Nadeem Khaled

Egyptian Voice Over Union and Premium Voice Over Talent

Nadeem is a professional voice over artist. He started his journey in the voice over industry in 2010. With the mindset of an architect, Nadeem is able to present creativity and tailored experiences to each of his clients. Those unique experiences and Nadeem’s diligence are the reasons his voice is heard daily on Arabic TV, radio, and social media platforms making him an unmissable part of Arabic contemporary culture. Nadeem’s bilinguality diversified his clientele to include international clients such as Merceds-Benz, McDonalds, Western Union, WhatsApp, Snickers, Talabat, Samsung, HSBC, as well as multiple governmental projects in Egypt, Finland, and Canada. As of 2021, Nadeem has worked on 3000+ voice over projects with over 250 clients. Project categories include but are not limited to television, radio and online commercials, viral ad campaigns, documentaries, promotional and branding videos, medical and corporate presentations, as well as interactive voice response systems and text to speech (TTS). Nadeem’s passion does not stop at being one of the best voiceover artists worldwide; his mission is to help improve the whole industry in the MENA region with initiatives that support rising voice over talents and even professionals, aiding in the market’s growth acceleration in the healthiest of ways. One of his successful initiatives is EVU or Egyptian’s Voiceover Union, a Whatsapp-based platform connecting clients and talents to work on projects together. Over the past four years, EVU contributed in USD 350,000 worth of projects and helped create the first Egyptian voice over rate guide. Meanwhile, Nadeem continues to share his talents everyday training up-and-coming voice over artists through the international franchise Gravy For The Brain Arabia, that aims to raise investment in the voice over industry with the objective of shaping voice over careers to the market growth’s benefit.

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