Mwaruma Musa ‘Mufti’

Day 3

Nafasi ya Kiswahili [The places of Kiswahili in the VO industry ]

Mwaruma Musa 'Mufti'

Kenyan Voice and Screen Actor, Film Maker and Sound Engineer

Mwaruma Moses alias Mufti, is an award winning professional voice over actor
based in Nairobi, Kenya. He was born in the coastal province of Kenya and that’s
where he learnt and fully adapted the Swahili language to which he is super fluent
thus the nickname Musa Mufti. He attended primary and secondary school in the
Apart from being a voice actor, he is a studio sound engineer (ProTools), a Swahili
translator and transcriber, Voice coach and studio artistic director (Swahili and
English). He is a member of the Voice Actors League of Kenya, the Kenya Actors
Guild and Performers Rights Society of Kenya. In July 2021, he completed a film
production course at the Filamu Juani Academy in Lavington, Nairobi. He holds a
certificate in Food and beverage service and sales from the Kenya Utalii College.
Mufti has been in the voice and media industry for four years having voiced
several local and international documentaries, radio and television
advertisements, IVRs, film and series characters in the dubbing sector, Swahili and
English Bible recitals and he has featured in English and Swahili radio dramas in
Kenya. He is also a seasoned screen actor having graced the Kenyan screens in
several programs like Sue na Jonnie, Sumu la Penzi, Chini ya mnazi, Selina, Baba
Yao, Trap house, Kona, Kina, Pieces of Us to mention but a few.
He currently works for several media and film companies undertaking different
roles in Nairobi.

September 10, 2022, 16:50 – 17:30