Jennifer Kanari

Day 2

Voicing Narrations/documentaries [WORKSHOP]


Premium Voice Talent, Coach and Administrator for The Voice Actors League of Kenya VALK.

Jennifer Kanari is a premium voice-over artist and coach based in Kenya, East Africa.

She came into voice-over work for the love of the art of voice and have been doing voice-over work since 2001, coaching voice artists and teaching the place of Voice in Communication along the way.

She enjoys her work and is dedicated to giving her best to her clients. She strives to give each project a unique “sound” bringing out the best voice in others.

Her clients include: Safaricom, USAID, Unilever, BIDCO Kenya, UNICEF, Nivea Beiersdorf, Hayer One Group, Centum Investment Company, GSMA, MasterCard, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, FYE Network Productions – Princess Halima Children’s book, The Forgotten City (video game)

She has voiced: Narrations, E-learning, IVR, Documentaries, Whiteboard Explainer Videos, Audiobooks, Podcast Intros, Video Games, Animation Cartoon Voice Talent Age Range 16yrs to 60yrs – teenage woman, adult woman, senior woman.

She is a dynamic talent proficient in English with an African accent, Neutral English and Swahili.

Jennifer believes that “Your voice is the 2nd involuntary introduction of yourself after your appearance. It pays to invest in it. 
What you say, and how you say it, can undo what people see and interact with of you, or establish it.”

Her voice-coaching is geared towards building your clarity and confidence in all things voice-related: for presentations, public speaking, voice acting etc, and as a basic part of good communication.

Jennifer Kanari is the Administrator for The Voice Actors League of Kenya.

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Day 2

Voicing Narrations/documentaries [WORKSHOP]

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The Africa VO Townhall - The issues, Solutions, How can the international VO community help.