4 Quick Tips on Learning Accents.

For none indigenous speakers, forming accents can be a little tricky but very exciting. So, whether its tomaito or tomahto, potaito or potahto, this short article will expose you to 4 tips that can help you learn how to speak in other accents.


Voice accent is the ability to speak in the same tone and intonation as the native speakers of a desired language.


A good voice accent artist should be able to speak with a neutral accent and it is easy to develop if the intending artist adopts the following steps.


  1. Listen attentively to the native speakers and news casters.


  1. Read texts in the local language and listen to audios.

  1. Record speeches and listen to them over again.


  1. Listen to the pronunciation of the intended language and while at it, pay attention to the syllable and word stress as well as the vowels and consonants.


Voice accent sets you apart in the professional voice acting industry because it means you can do more and if you can do more, then you can certainly earn more.


Remember that a fluent voice accent artist leaves a lasting impression on his listeners especially if he is confident!

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