2 Tips to help you switch mood in voice acting

One recurring challenge I encounter while directing younger voice talents is there inability to switch moods.

Voice acting actually requires you to act with your voice and that voice act must be believable. The script may require you to switch from being silly to being wise in split seconds or go from sadness to happiness.

This will require first a mental switch before a vocal switch.

To actualize this mental switch, you must first visualize the mood before you vocalize it. You must also be willing to allow you physical self, make the switch.

  1. Visualize

In delivering a happy script, you should allow yourself feel happy, it is however easy to act happy when you are feeling happy.

To visualize an act, you may choose to paint a picture in your mind or allow your self to imagine that the moment is happening to you.

  1. Physical switch

Physically switching is another significant approach to switching moods in voice acting. For instance, you can’t talk about happiness in a voice acting session without at least wearing a smile. You brain understand smiling to be associated with happiness. That physical act of smiling instantly brightens your voice which automatically reflects in your read.

If you still struggle in this area, you may consider taking an acting class.

Chukwuemeka Onunkwo






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